Sell with Us!

Wholesale Info

Interested in sharing your wares with us? Shoot us an email at with your line sheet and some info about your brand! We sometimes do not reply right away, but we save all these messages for when we are buying!

Consignment Info

If you're not quite ready to wholesale, we also offer a consignment option where we take in your product and offer a monthly payout based on sales. After 90 days, if your products haven't sold, we're happy to ship them back to you. Email us at for more details and to view our consignment agreement. 

Distribution Info

Distribution only differs from consignment in that you don't have your own shop and handle all your own product promotion to generate sales. We will host you on our website, handle customer service, and take care of shipping. This is a great option if you are too busy or unable to ship your own goods. We are happy to discuss how we can help!

To be completely transparent, we are not a warehouse (yet!) but we have plenty of space, a quick turnaround time and years of customer service experience. We do have other jobs (for now...), but are always excited to grow Gold Crow Co. more! In 2020 we shipped around 1000 books for Manda Schank through about 4 pre-order periods, as well as normal in stock sales.