We Went to Five Points Festival!

We Went to Five Points Festival!

A few weeks ago we went to visit Five Points Fest, a designer toy convention in its second year, not far from our home base in Brooklyn. We actually had a table there last year in artist alley and while that was not the most invigorating experience, we knew we wanted to go back and, if nothing else, shop! It was great to see how the con has grown from year one and we loved the new location, too. We'll definitely be visiting again next year!

We didn't film a ton and we couldn't get every booth, but we took a little footage for those who missed out on going and shared all the stuff that Lynnette bought (Lynnette: I felt that I restrained myself very well...). There are also links below to all the booths we featured!


Five Points Fest 


Nate Bear (he's a good friend, so check out his stuff!)


1000 Toys

Martian Toys

Nightly Made (the video does not reflect how much time we spent chatting with these guys! they are delightful and have some beautiful stuff!)

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