Japan Blog: Day 9

Japan Blog: Day 9

Day 9

Tokyo Disney Sea

We had to make at least one trip to the Disney parks, and as time was tight, we decided to just go to Tokyo Disney Sea! Disney Sea is unique to Japan with several features not found at the American parks, so it was more of a novelty than visiting Tokyo Disneyland. 

Tokyo Disney Sea

We took the train to Maihama and arrived at the park not too long after opening. We decided go to the Tower of Terror first. Since Lynnette doesn’t really enjoy thrill rides, we thought it best to get this one over with before she lost her nerve.

 Tower of Terror, Tokyo Disney Sea Inside the Tower of Terror, Tokyo Disney Sea


I hadn’t been to Disney Sea in almost 10 years, but all I remembered from the Tower of Terror was the silly demonic Tiki statue. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. (Lynnette's Note: I found this Tower less terrifying than the one at Disney World in FL, which is taller and a bit longer of an experience!)

Tokyo Disney Sea


Getting flavoured popcorn is a must at the parks in Japan! There are usually about 5-6 flavours available and some are seasonal. Each flavour can only be found at certain carts around the park. We made a pit stop for blueberry flavoured popcorn, which totally tasted like a blueberry muffin, then headed to my other favourite ride, Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was crazy hot waiting on that line, even in the middle of January, but we somehow made it through. My favourite (and Lynnette’s least favourite) part of that ride is getting shot out of the side of the mountain after seeing the giant lava worm. (Lynnette's Note: I believed Eri when they said "shot out of a mountain" before we got on the ride but it was a lot faster and more roller coaster-y than I expected! Did not like. The ride previous to that point is very slow and chill, then it just goes all crazy! I've ridden many of the other Disney roller coaster-ish rides and this was my least fave.) 

Journey to the Center of the Earth, Tokyo Disney Sea

You cannot walk around any Disney park without wearing something silly on your head so after we had lunch at Horizon Bay Restaurant (which felt very affordable; about $20 for a huge meal with soup or salad, rice or bread, dessert and a drink), we hit up a gift shop to buy our first round of presents for friends, and also to find some hats!

Lunch at Horizon Bay Restaurant, Tokyo Disney Sea

I ended up with the biggest, most ridiculous, fluffy Minnie Mouse hat with a giant black and gold bow, and Lynnette got a 101 Dalmatians hat. 

Nerds at Tokyo Disney Sea

We went on some of the smaller rides after that and made sure to pick up our fastpass for the Indiana Jones ride so we could skip the long line later.

Ariel's Grotto, Tokyo Disney Sea

We took a look in Ariel’s Grotto, which is mostly just for children, but it is fun to take pictures of.

Prince Eric statue at Ariel's Grotto

Aladdin's Castle at Tokyo Disney Sea  


The Pixar Playtime event was going on, so there were a number of special foods and events set up around the park. There was a limited edition Monsters Inc. steamed bun that was coloured like Sully. It tasted like chicken pot pie! We then went back to the Indiana Jones ride to use our fastpasses. That ride is super fun, if not a little bumpy, haha.

Sully bun from Pixar Playtime event at Tokyo Disney Sea  Indiana Jones at Tokyo Disney Sea

Somehow I talked Lynnette into going back onto Journey of the Center of the Earth one more time before we left for the night. (Lynnette's Note: Just as awful the 2nd time. I told Eri I'd go on it again in 10 years, not sooner.) We did our final gift shopping at the different shops on the way out, as well as getting more popcorn (tomato and basil flavour), before heading home. 

Journey to the Center of the Earth, Tokyo Disney Sea

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